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Power tumbling classes are organized by level.

See our STAR Leveling Program for placement

  White/Black/Red STAR -   55 mins - $90   

Parkour Classes -     55 mins - $90  

Silver STAR/CHEER -    75 mins - $110

   Gold STAR/CHEER -     90 mins - $130    *Yearly REG/INS FEE of $22 is due Per Child*

Multiple children/class DISCOUNT:  

$5 off 2nd class - $10 off 3RD and $15 off your 4th 

*Discounts apply up to 6 classes/children*

(Example: Silver Child $110/Red $85/White $80/ Black $75)

*There will be 2 make-up lessons allowed

per 8 week session, which must be scheduled.

session pricing

session schedule

Once you are enrolled you REMAIN so until the end of the SCHOOL year....A Drop Form must be submitted 2 weeks prior to the session you plan to "un-enroll" in order to NOT be charged for that session. THANK YOU!

Session I ----------------------- September 12 to November 4

                          YES Classes During Harvest Breaks

Session II ------------------------  November 7 to January 20

                  No Classes: Thanksgiving Break  –  November 21-25

                                 Christmas Break – Tues Dec 20 to Mon Jan 2

                                                      (start back up on Tuesday Jan 3)

Session III --------------------------  January 23 to March 17

Session IV-------------------------------- March 20 to May 12

*If previous arrangements have not been made, and payment has not been received by the end of the 5th week of the session, a $10 late fee will be applied to your account.  

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