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Power tumbling


PLEASE CALL 208.600.7726 for availability and openings!


We provide tumbling classes for recreation, fitness and fun. It's great exercise and with hard work, plenty of practice and a solid coach, you'll learn impressive skills. Athletes at AirBound learn power tumbling and trampoline skills in a progressive manner through our STAR PROGRAM. Athletes are pushed to achieve new skill levels and we have fun as we work hard! 


All of our  classes are designed to teach proper technique and encourage each student to achieve their personal best in a fun and positive learning atmosphere. Students will learn to set goals, successfully achieve those goals, and gain healthy self-confidence in return, which can be carried over into any situation in life.

Tumbling classes are available for all ages and all levels, from 3 years and up and from beginners to advanced tumblers.

Our FACILITY allows the athletes to perfect techniques on safe apparatuses such as: our in-ground pit, 70 ft TumblTrak and the 7x14 Elite trampoline with spotting rig; which enables them to be more efficient when putting their skills on the floor. We not only teach the basic skills correctly but we also have the knowledge and skill to teach the upper level athletes. Many parents have complimented us on our ability to move the athletes to the next level as quickly as possible.

If you're into cheerleading, tumbling classes are a terrific way to improve your cheer skills. In fact, many cheer coaches require their cheerleaders take tumbling classes.

Click on the Level to see the skills required to pass each level off. If you are wondering which level to enroll your child under, please use this system to help make your decision.

Each spring we have an AWARDS day where we present each child with the level they have earned with either a RIBBON, MEDAL, or TROPHY respectively for it's level.

star leveling program

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