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PolicieS and forms


Printable Forms:                                                                          Complete ONLINE waiver/registration form




Please read our DROP CLASS form. It is important to understand it clearly. 

Tuition Fees/Registration

  • Session fees are due and payable before the end of the 6th week of each session. 

  • Tuition will not be credited for missed classes. 2 make-up classes can be scheduled per session.

  • A Drop Form must be completed to un-enroll in the program. It must be received two weeks prior to the end of the session in order to not be billed for the next session.

  • A non-refundable, yearly registration/insurance fee of $20 a child is due prior to enrollment.


Late Fees

  • There is a $10 late fee if payment is not received by the 6th week of the session. If payment is not received after two sessions, the tumbler will be withdrawn from class and will not be able to enroll until payment is received in full.

  • A $25.00 fee is charged to customers for returned checks.


Class Attendance/Pick-ups and Drop-offs

  • Tumblers should arrive on time for their scheduled class so that they can participate in all of the warm-ups.

  • Please be on time in picking your child up after class, as “waiting” students can cause a disruption in the classes following.

  • Please do not have your child wait for you outside the gym. All students are asked to remain in the building until a parent/guardian arrives.

  • Make-up classes must be done in the same session the original class was missed and are limited to two per session.


Equipment Safety

  • Students are not allowed on the gym floor or the equipment unless under direct supervision of a staff coach.

  • Students should not be on the equipment before or after their lesson.

  • Absolutely no spectators on the equipment at any time.



  • A sitting area is provided for parents. Please do not attempt to assist your child either physically or verbally during class.

  • Siblings of program participants must be kept in control while waiting, and should be attended by a parent at all times. 

  • Unless enrolled in a class, please do not go on the gym floor or allow children out onto the floor. These rules have been implemented to comply with strict insurance regulations, as well as for obvious safety reasons.


Dress Code

  • Girls are not required to wear a leotard, but clothing should not be baggy and shirts must be tucked in. If tights are worn, they must be footless or stirrup type to avoid slipping.

  • Boys are asked to wear gym shorts (no zippers or snaps) and a t-shirt or tank top tucked in.

  • Absolutely no denim shorts or pants are permitted.

  • No socks or shoes are to be worn. All students are to workout in bare feet.

  • All jewelry (including watches, necklaces, long earrings, and ID bracelets) are to be removed prior to class time as they pose a safety hazard to the gymnast as well as the instructor (stud earrings are acceptable).

  • Clothing with zippers, buttons, and snaps pose a safety hazard and should be avoided.

  • Students with long hair must keep it tied back in a pony tail to prevent hair from interfering with instruction.

Food and Drink

  • No gum, candy, or food while tumblers are participating in class.

  • Water bottles are permitted, however, please do not send your child with fruit drinks, soda, or other sugar beverages.

  • Observers are free to have food and drink in the sitting area, but please be polite and clean up any spills and messes.

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