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Classes offered


Power tumbling  

AirBound provides recreational power tumbling classes for boys and girls ages 3 and up. Our student to coach ratio sets us a part at an incredible MAX of 5 students to 1 coach!  (usually 4 to 1) Our tumbling classes are structured for about 12-15 kids in a class. Each class is then divided up into 3 groups according to levels even further, which allows for quick progression. The groups cycle through 1) TumblTrak/Trampoline 2) Spring Floor for tumbling passes 3) Circuit work for conditioning, standing skills, and targeting drills for skill advancement.


               Click here for more details about our TUMBLING PROGRAM


These classes teach the basics of cheer and excite a passion for cheerleading. Students will learn basic motions, jumps, dance moves and stunting.  AirBound teaches the importance of team work as well as individual dedication. These teams are a great learning opportunity for students interested in all star cheer, but don't want to have the time/money constraints that are involved with being on an all star team. 

AirBound has the opportunity to coach and work with the Madison Jr. High and High School cheer teams. Its an honor to coach them in their tumbling skills. We LOVE MADISON!!!

            Click here for more details about our CHEERLEADING TEAMS


Beginning Parkour classes are offered for children ages 6-14 years old. The students will focus on building strength, balance, and full body awareness using the fundamental movements of Parkour. 


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